About Us

About Us

SIBIL Education Private Limited is 100% subsidiary of Humming Bird Education Ltd. (Listed on BSE, Awarded as 'Asia's Greatest Brands' by PwC). The founders of Humming Bird Education Ltd. and SIBIL Education (P) Ltd have experience of more then a decade in Education Sector and have served more than 1 Million Students so far with various educational services.

Education play a crucial role in enriching the life of any Individual as it help people think, feel & behave in a way that contribute to their success.

SIBIL Education Pvt Ltd is started with the thought process to ensure quality & affordable education for every child in India. As we all know Education play an important role in defining the life of any individual. Through our structured & scientific approach we are providing a platform which create a right thrust and define the learning & performance driven approach for the child. We strongly believe the cost of the education should not be a hindrance and quality education at affordable cost should be the fundamental right for every child. SIBIL Education Pvt Ltd. is committed to provide this, through its technology driven platform with periodic assessment creating a holistic approach for an effective scholastic evaluation.

As we all know that Ed-Tech sector is growing exponentially, we are creating a niche by offering Ed-tech driven platform through Direct selling, which has the potential to provide financial freedom.


Right to Quality Education to all students & Right to Financial Freedom for Indian Citizens.


SIBIL's mission is to globally set a benchmark in direct selling.