Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Direct Seller?

Register by clicking on Join Now using your Sponsor Code. To become a Direct Seller is Free and no investment.

How do i cancel my Direct Selling Agreement?

The Direct Seller shall be entitled to a cooling off period of 15 days to terminate Direct Selling Agreement from the date of acceptance of this agreement without any punishable clause. Direct Seller needs to expressly inform the Company about termination of the agreement. In the absence of any communication from Direct Seller, it will be considered consent of the Direct Seller to act as Direct Seller with the Company under the terms and conditions of Direct Selling Agreement.

Where could i find the detailed presentation with Business Plan?

Go to Downloads and click on the Presentation to download.

The Company does not and shall not pay any compensation / commission nor does it provide any other benefits for recruiting / adding / joining or placing new distributors in the distributors network. The only way that distributors / direct sellers earn commissions / compensation is by selling the company's products / services / packages either directly or through the network of direct sellers which is further clarified in the marketing plan / commission plan / compensation plan. The Company shall pay the Direct Seller sales incentive/commission/compensation as prescribed in the Marketing Plan / Compensation Plan / Sales Incentive Plan which shall be available at the website of the company.

The sales incentive/commission/compensation will be subjected to the relevant taxes as applicable. The Company reserves its right to revise the rates and methods of calculating sales incentive/commission/compensation from time to time. The Company does not guarantee/assure any particular or fixed facilitation fees or fixed income to the Direct Seller The Company does not pay commissions / compensation or any other benefit in Cash, it is Company’s strict policy to receive and pay any and all amounts via electronically traceable transfer methods only.

Is there a Refund Policy?

Yes, Kind Visit Refund Policy to get the details.

How do i raise a grievance?

Simple, you just need to go to Grievance Redresseal & Mechanism to raise your grievance.