Terms and Conditions

Product Return Policy

In case of any dissatisfaction, Users/Distributors can return the service within 15 days of the purchase. The process of return is Online.
The user/ distributor may login to their account & apply for 100% refund. Following is required while applying for refund.

1. Reason for return
2. Copy of Invoice
3. Products/Services to be returned

The detailed Return policy is available in the User's/Distributor's account created at the time of purchase.

Buy Back Policy

The Company provides a Buy Back Policy to the Direct Sellers who wishes to resign as a Direct Seller and return any services. The detailed Buy back policy is available in the Distributor's account.


Please visit Contact page on this website & feel free to write to us for any queries/concerns.

Please Note: Product Return Policy is NOT valid on HEART OF GOLD.